You’re ready to take your social media presence to the next level


  • Stress about what & when to post
  • Worrying about your to-do list
  • Busy work'


  • Time to do what you love
  • Profit on your bottom line
  • Focus on growing your business


I do everything from developing a custom Strategy, to creating the graphics and content you'll need to carry out said strategy and achieve Social Media success. I free up your time so you can focus more on the core of your business.


My why...

For a lot of us, (well for me at least) one of the main benefits of starting our own business is having a more flexible structure with regards to working hours. Not because we’re lazy, (because I definitely work more hours than I would at a 9-5) but because it suits our desire to live a more enjoyable lifestyle. If I'd like to go to the mall - I can, if I feel like visiting my family - I can, if I feel like spending the day in bed - ... you catch my drift.

Well, that’s at least what I’d like to say my reason is. The real reason is because I failed, or my body failed me, or I failed my body. However you slice it, the gist was that I couldn’t cope with my 9-5 in the end. I was constantly tired, I started experiencing what is known as ‘brain fog’ (which is exactly how it sounds - you’re confused & your thoughts aren’t clear), I couldn’t take the proper pain meds I needed because they made me more drowzy & the worst part was that I tried to hide it for as long as possible because I was so scared of being seen as weak or less able than my peers.

Eventually, it all became too much and I became the poster child for a 1/4 life crisis, had a nervous breakdown, quit my job & went through some of the darkest days I’ve had (which I won’t go into now). Fast-forward through a rocky start, some really amazing highs followed by scary lows, my experience as a solopreneur has certainly made me understand the very frequent use of a rollercoaster analogy in business. Yes, running a business is challenging, especially when you throw a Chronic Illness into the mix! I probably work from bed 80% of the time and often work 18hrs + on good days to make up for days when I’m not able. But that’s ok because I can still work, I can still help other Creative Entrepreneurs smash their goals through effective Social Media strategies & content! I have discovered my true passion, which I more than likely wouldn’t not have discovered it had I not “failed” in my previous work environment.

So while my “why” may not be as poignant or meaningful as others, I really do believe that everything happens for a reason!